Do you have a morning routine?

Some sort of order to how you prepare for your day?

I went years without knowing what peace a morning routine brings to my day. Now I feel off if my day gets ahead of me before I’ve had the chance to prepare. It took some trial and error to find the things that are most beneficial to me but I’ve managed to settle on 7 things I try to have accomplished by 7 am. When I manage to get all of them done I feel like the day is off to a pretty solid start. Here they are:

1. Wash my face

The first thing I do in the morning is wash my face. I have a pretty consistent skincare routine. It helps to wash “the sleep” off of me. It leaves me feeling refreshed and energized which also leaves me with a little pep in my step. I have a 4.5 month old so a shower isn’t always a gaurantee right now. So if I’m forced to skip a shower I still manage to have a little confidence boost.

2. Eat breakfast

The second thing I do is eat a semi nutritious breakfast and enjoy a cup of coffee. Iced or hot depending on the season. One option I never seem to get tired of is toast with peanut butter and a banana. In my opinion the banana absolutely does NOT belong on the toast. But I digress. Typically a healthy breakfast gives me motivation to eat healthy the rest of the day too. So double win!

3. Do the dishes

Getting right on with my day. I feel much calmer if my kitchen is clean so I always make sure the dishes are done before I leave the house. My husband works late a few nights a week so I often choose to spend time after dinner with him rather than worry about the dishes. So I either empty or load the dishwasher in the morning depending on how much energy I had the night before. I wash, dry, and put away any dishes that can’t be ran in the dishwasher such as our good knives, insulated cups, or cookie sheets.

4. Laundry

I gather all the dirty laundry and start a load. We have a lot of laundry for 3 people. I do at least 1 load every day. Sometimes more if that’s what it takes to stay on top of it. Piles of laundry bring me so much stress so I try to keep up. I typically try to fold it and put it away during one of my son’s naps. Getting the process started earlier in the day leaves me time to finish it.

5. Make my bed

I find people fall in one of two camps. One camp is the no-fail-everyday bed makers and the other is the I-only-make-my-bed-on-wash-day bed makers. I am a religious bed maker. To walk in our bedroom at night and see a peaceful room with a made bed brings a smile to my face. There is also not much better than climbing into a comfortable made bed. No shame.

6. Get dressed

I don’t know if it’s my mom rubbing off on me or not but I always get dressed for the day. I don’t get dressed to the 9’s or anything but I make it a point to get out of my pajamas and into clean clothes. Some days it’s leggings and workout clothes and others its jeans and a cute top. But it’s always an intentional thought. Again, I feel much better and alert being prepared for the day.

7. Quiet time

I always make it a point to have some form of quiet time. It may be reading a devotional, making a gratitude list, or sitting in quiet prayer. It doesn’t always happen by 7 am but usually shortly after. I put this at the end of my routine because I find that I’m distracted and hurried if I know all that is waiting on me to get done. So doing it before my day takes off but after I’m prepared and relaxed seems to be the best fit for my life right now.

Bonus: Water

I say this is a bonus because it’s not just by 7am. It’s an all day thing. I’m constantly sipping on water. I have a dedicated water cup that goes everywhere with me. It’s 24 oz. I try to drink at least 4 a day which is roughly half my body weight in ounces of water. What I drink during a workout does not count for me. I have no logic behind why I don’t count it but it certainly can’t hurt.

That’s it. It may sound overwhelming or like it takes a lot of time. In reality it’s about 10 minutes not counting quiet time. Its not perfect. Sometimes I get out of order or interrupted but I try my best to get it done as soon as I can. Try implementing just one or two of these consistently for one month and see if you notice any difference. I know I do.

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