Guys, this robe from target is seriously the best. It’s soft, cozy, and breathable for all seasons!

Ever since our son was born in April I have lived in these jeans from American Eagle. They’re high wasted and supportive!

This coffee creamer

Vitamin C serums are a must have in anti-aging and a staple in my skincare routine. I’m currently loving this one from Honest Co.

I love getting pedicures but don’t enjoy paying for them. This Lanolin keeps my feet soft and preserves my pedicure.

I bought this adidas workout tank when I was pregnant and will wear it until it dies. It’s great for athleisure looks or for actual exercise.

I hate heating up my kitchen in summer but love dinners that I can set and forget with a fresh from the oven taste. This Ninja 3-in-1 cooking system has been my holy grail kitchen product this summer.

Speaking of dinner…Garlic butter chicken and asparagus . Just try it.

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