There are few things that bring me more stress than when my home is cluttered, disorganized, and overall unkempt. The problem is life gets ahead of me. I have busy seasons or my day doesn’t go as planned and before I know it I am behind before I even begin. The mental noise from all the mess makes me want to go hide under my covers and ignore it all. When I’m in the middle of a busy season or stuck in a rut I try my best to keep our house a relaxing oasis for my family to come home to. It can be pretty effortless if I stick to these steps.

1. Make cleaning easy

     I strategically place my cleaning supplies where they are most convenient. I keep a bottle of all purpose spray like Mrs.Meyer’s cleaning concentrate under every bathroom sink as well as the kitchen sink and in the laundry room. It makes a quick daily wipe-down nearly effortless. I use Mrs. Meyers cleaning concentrate for everything. Glass, toilets, stovetop, counters, floors, and mixed with a little olive oil it even works great to clean and polish wood surfaces. Using one great cleaner eliminates the need for shelves full of single product cleaners. 

2. Finish what you start

     I try to stay on task as much as possible. For instance, if I go get the mail I take care of it all immediately. File, toss, or take action. Don’t wait. I also won’t toss the laundry on the couch until I know I have time to fold it and put it away. If you read my post “7 things by 7 am” you know that I do any leftover dishes and start laundry first thing in the morning. My day is so much more peaceful knowing I am starting with a clean slate. Doing these things makes staying organized more manageable and frees up my time to do things I enjoy. 

3. Designated homes

     In an ideal world everything I own has a designated home but in reality the space for some things seems to be in short supply. I may not be an extreme minimalist but I am most definitely not a hoarder. I am very picky about what things get a permanent residence in our home. It drives my husband crazy but I just can’t handle the clutter. It  doesn’t bother me whatsoever if I go to others homes and they embrace the clutter or chaos. Im genuinely glad for them. I almost envy their grace. I often wish it didn’t affect me but I’ve come to terms with my neuroses. It’s what helps me sleep at night. You do you!

4. Do things as you notice them

     I used to wait until cleaning day and do everything all at once. If I couldn’t do it all then I wouldn’t do anything. Now if I notice that the toilet needs cleaned and I have 60 seconds to spare then I grab my cleaning spray (which is conveniently under the sink), spray down the toilet and wipe it clean. It really helps keep the cleaning from becoming overwhelming.

5. The 10 minute tidy

     This is my no fail, do every day, hardly ever miss tip. At the end of the day spend 10 minutes or so putting your house back in order. Replace the couch cushions, wipe the counters, and put everything back in its home. You will be so thankful when you wake up in the morning and your house is ready to go. If you’re one who is up before the rest of your house then you will be extra thankful that you got to spend a few minutes in such a peaceful space. 

Bonus: A battery powered vacuum

     This is not necessary but it is an amazing perk. I sound spoiled when I say this but I cannot remember the last time I actually swept with a broom and dustpan. We have always had a battery powered vacuum such as a dyson, makita, or ryobi brand.  It makes cleaning the floors quick and easy. We specifically got one that could do all of our flooring. It easily takes care of all of our tile, laminate, and shag rugs in one charge. It’s wall mount is its charger so its always ready to go. It is a lifesaver.

     I’ve gotten into a pretty good routine of staying on top of things as best I can. My home isn’t always how I like it but it’s never far from satisfactory thanks to a few key tricks. If you commit to implementing these tips for 2 weeks I bet they will naturally become habits. Try it and see how much peace it adds to your life. The worst that can happen is your house is clean. 


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