If you have read my blog before you know that my husband and I had our first baby in early April. I was intentional about setting pretty low expecations for myself for…well…everything. I knew my life was going to be completely different in ways that I couldn’t begin to wrap my brain around and the best solution for a smooth transition was to extend myself as much grace as the season required. Until my son has been on the outside for longer than he was on the inside I have set my bar pretty low.

During the year prior to getting pregnant my health and nutrition went through a major overhaul. Up until that point my diet consisted of all things white. Ice cream, potatoes, bread. if it was carb I ate it. My grocery cart tended to resemble a 5 year old’s dream diet. Once I started to choose things that were more nutritious on a regular basis I noticed a new pattern in my grocery habits. I seemed to have a regular rotation of my favorite choices.

During my first trimester of pregnancy I gained 17 pounds. I had pretty much given in to the exhaustion and ate a lot of Mcdonald’s french fries and Dairy Queen ice cream. I had definitely given up some of the good habits I had developed over the past year. In my second trimester I knew something had to change. I got back on the wagon. I worked hard to eat right and made it a point to keep up with physical activity. That continued on until around my eighth month. By the end of the day I was pretty comfortable from a full days work and didn’t have the energy to do much once I got home. I didn’t eat terribly but we had a lot of takeout and easy convenience foods. I managed to keep off any excess weight but the nutrition in my choices was lacking. I was looking forward to after my son was born to have the time to make healthy choices and healthy meals. Time…Ha! Remember when I said life was going to change in ways I couldn’t imagine?

The time immediately following my son’s birth wasn’t what I imagined but we were so blessed. People brought us meals and snacks for weeks. It was lovely. I didn’t have to worry about anything in the way of food. Once the meal train stopped, though, it was up to me to make the healthy choices for myself. My son is five months old now and I feel that we are just now settling into a good routine for meals and nutrition. I have accepted the fact that during this season simple yet nutritious foods is what works best for us over full cooked meals. That being said I am again finding a regular rotation of foods on my grocery list again and again. They’ve kind of become our go-to choices. They’re easy to mix and match for a good selection of quick options. Read on to find what is always on my grocery list.

  • 100% whole grain wheat bread for sandwiches, toast, grilled cheese
  • Chicken salad
  • Eggs for scrambled eggs or sandwiches
  • 93% lean turkey burgers
  • Thick cut bacon for BLTs, breakfast sandwiches or to beef up a turkey sandwich
  • Cheese sticks for a quick on the go snack
  • Apples– apples and peanut butter is one of my favorite snacks
  • Peanut butter for anything! apples, toast, oatmeal, a spoonful
  • Chicken – I grill it all and keep it to have for chicken sandwiches, caprese chicken, or chop it up for quesadillas or salad toppings
  • Coffee and creamer– enough said.
  • Cajun Turkey lunchmeat – for sandwiches, salads, turkey and cheese roll-ups.
  • Fruits and veggies– I keep a variety of in season fruits and veggies cut up and ready to munch on. Grapes, pineapple, strawberry, celery, carrots, broccoli.

Now this list may not work for everyone but I find that these items leave me enough variety to feel satisfied on a regular basis. On grocery day I try to get my proteins cooked and veggies prepped so that throughtout the week I have plenty of options to satisfy my hunger while also being nutritious. Having these things prepped and ready also makes it easy for my husband to fix himself something in a snap. Which is one less thing I have to worry about.

This is the system that is working best for us right now. As our life is evolving I am sure it will need tweaking to suit our needs as the seasons change. Knowing that I don’t have to stress about food and meals makes it easier to soak in all of the baby cuddles and overall enjoy this season of my life. I’d love to see your ideas for staple grocery items. Share them in the comments below!

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